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Free Fonts

  1. The Dingbat Pages Lookin for a dingbat? Here you'll find a huge selection of freeware and shareware dingbat fonts.
  2. Font Freak Like the name says this guy is a complete font freak.2496 PC free-/shareware fonts, 601 Mac free-/shareware fonts and dingbats, 415 PC dingbats, 16 original dingbats for both PC and Mac. (and still counting) There is also an applications page with font programs and utilities.
  3. Blue Vinyl Free Fonts Free Fonts All original BV Fonts that you will not find anywhere else on the net. Over 30+ fonts, most of which are full 256 character sets.
  4. 1001 Free Fonts Huge resource of freeware fonts. Many different categories to suit everyone. Alphabetized for easy browsing.
  5. Acid Fonts Lots of great fonts organized alphabetically.
  6. Fontasy Over 800 free fonts, arranged alphabetically.
  7. Funny Fonts Lots of freeware fonts and dingbats etc..
  8. A+B+C Fonts This is a good collection of free fonts from the people at A+B+C Web Graphics.
  9. Antons font world Great site for a huge collection of true type fonts.
  10. Divide by zero A nice collection of fonts.
  11. Fontastic Another huge archive of great fonts.
  12. Dingbat Dungeon Mmmm love dingbats? You will love this place.
  13. Acid Fonts Lots of fantastic fonts.
  14. Cool Archive Over 950 free fonts to download. Most fonts work both on PCs and Macs. They also have help section which tells you how to install the fonts on your computer.
  15. Fonts.tedesign.net Free font archive in alphabetical categories.
  16. Font Mania Over 500 free fonts.
  17. Fonts for the Addict Lots of fonts for PC and Mac. Also have a forum for the font freaks.
  18. Kevin's fontsLots of fonts and useful utilities to help manage them too.
  19. Spinola free fonts II Another great freeware font site.
  20. Fontomania Lots of great freeware fonts
  21. Fontopolis These guys will even help you find the font you are looking for if you send them a pic (of the font, I think).
  22. Fontpool Lots and lots of fonts.
  23. Free Font Fiesta
  24. Gaelic Fonts A completely unique set of fonts here.
  25. Larabiefonts Lots of unusual fonts here.
  26. Redsun Sharware and freeware fonts for Macs and PCs.





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