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There may be many offers that are no longer valid. I am aware of this and I am working through ALL 1999's links and should have everything up to date soon. Please be patient with me, this is the least fun part of maintaining this site and I haven't figured out a "quick n clever" way of doing it yet. If you find a offer that is no longer valid, please let me know as it will really help me get this done. I appreciate all your support!

THE HUNGERSITE Please visit this site and donate some food, no cost to you it's free...the sponsors pay, all you have to do is click a button. Make a difference and visit now!

  1. Buttermilk Blend Free sample.
  2. Chocolate sample Choose from four different flavors.
  3. Chuckie Cheese Print off your own free coupons for Chuckie Cheese.
  4. Christmas Cookies Treat upto 3 of your friends a gourmet cookie for free and receive one yourself
  5. HoneySweet Perfect for coffee, tea, your favorite cereal, Free coupon.
  6. Stash Tea Free catalog offering more than 100 different varieties and blends of tea, tea accessories, tea gifts and baked delicacies.
  7. Southern Flavor Seasoning Need to send a self-addressed stamped for a free sample of Southern Flavor Seasoning.
  8. Ionic Minerals or Green Tea Fill out the form and order either one of the free samples offered.
  9. Food and Cooking Newsletter From snapping asparagus to cracking a coconut, get the lowdown on your ingredients and how to prepare them with TipWorld's food and cooking tips. Every day, TipWorld's resident food gurus will send you a helpful tip on making the very most of your food.
  10. Rosina Share a recipe which hasn't been featured on their web site before and receive a free package of Rosina Meatballs.(US)
  11. Mentadent 100 samples of Mentadent Toothpaste available every day for visitors to send to their friends. Fill out the form and you will also receive a sample too. (US)
  12. TooTarts Sign up and receive free candy, free deputy dude badge and a deputy dude certificate.
  13. Chocolate Join the mailing list and receive a free sample and other special offers.(US)
  14. Variety Soup Sample Order a free sample of soup from ED -foods, you have to pay $2.75 US for s/h, but the samples are huge weighing over 1 pound. Quite a few flavors to choose from.
  15. Hale Groves Free catalog is full of great gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season. Included are a variety of nuts, jams, desserts, and special holiday decorations.
  16. eCentives Register with them free and receive free coupons and great discounts from stores like 800.com, A&E Network, Blockbuster, CBS SportsLine, CDnow, Chocoholic, Cooking.com, Crutchfield, ejeweler, Northwest Airlines, Omaha Steaks and more. Just in time for Christmas!
  17. Sour Punch candy straws You have a one-in fifty chance to win a whole box of strawberry Sour Punch candy.
  18. Fresch Mints You will be sent 5 trial packets of Fresch, sae required.
  19. Taster's Choice Free sample of instant coffee.
  20. Fit sample pack Includes four 2-oz. samples of Fit Fruit and Vegetable Rinse, a coupon worth $2 off the cost of any fresh produce, and an educational brochure about Fit. (You're supposed to send it to a friend, but you are your own best friend, right?)
  21. $1 off ice cream Sign up for Dreamery Anonymous and receive a coupon for $1.00 off a pint of Dreamery ice cream.
  22. Fran's Healthy Helpings Just send your name, address, kids name(s) and birthdate(s) to receive a complimentary coupon good for one Fran's Healthy Helpings meal.
  23. Ginseng Gum Sample Ultimate tobacco substitute and energy , flavors include apple, cinnamon, ginger, original peppermint, tangerine and wintergreen.
  24. Salad Dressing Shaker Complete the questionnaire, and receive a free Hidden Valley® Salad Dressing Shaker.
  25. KIMLAN SOY SAUCE Call 1-800-FREE-SOY for your free sample.
  26. Vegetarian Recipes Tip of the Day Eat well and healthily with meatless recipes from the TipWorld veggie guru. Every day get a free vegetarian recipe that's sure to make you rush to the kitchen.
  27. Hot Texas Sauce Get your free sample of this spicy sauce.
  28. ValuePass.com Print your own coupons and save lots of money on everyday brands. Download coupons absolutely free.
  29. ClickTheButton.com Hunt down all the best bargains on the Internet with this FREE software.
  30. Consumer Reports Rating the supermarkets. Find out where to shop and how to save money with this free guide.
  31. Mini Minit Get a sample pack of one cup filters. Pack includes 40 filters + holder.( Requires shipping fee)
  32. Flax Seed Send a self addressed envelope and receive a free sample of healthy flax seed.
  33. Win a cake Enter the contest to win a yummy cake.
  34. Win another cake! No contest, just enter the monthly draw for a chance to win.
  35. Free Ben & Jerry's Register free as a member by filling in a quick form and receive a free pint of Ben & Jerry's.
  36. CheezaSmokn You will receive ONE sample package containing each of the four smoked cheese flavors, cheddar, Swiss, jalapeno, and spicy jalapeno.
  37. Butter Buds Free Sample. When all you want is the taste of butter with far fewer calories and no cholesterol.
  38. Free Soup Follow the "about you" link, complete the survey and Campbell's will send you a coupon for a free can of Campbell's Select soup.
  39. FreeShop 1000s of free offers and trials for everyone.
  40. Free Candy Fill out a survey a receive free candy from candycenter.com.(US & Canada)
  41. Certs Sample Get a free sample of cool mints. (US)
  42. Chinese Tea A free sample of Chinese tea from Triple Leaf Tea, Inc. Small shipping fee required(International)
  43. Mocha Magic Fill out a short form and receive a free catalog and sample Mocha Mix.(International)
  44. Fruit Leather Get a free sample of Stretch Island Fruit Leather and be entered into a contest to win a T-shirt or Stretch Island flat monkey. Limited to 50 samples per day (US)
  45. Jelly Belly Fill out a survey and get some free yummy Jelly Bellys. They give out 600 a day. (US and Canada)
  46. Chocolate Fill out a short form and Bach Chocolates will send you a free sample.
  47. Knauss Foods Join the their mailing list for a chance to receive coupons, recipe booklets and product samples (US)
  48. Sweetener Sample See for yourself why NATRATASTE® is the Fastest Growing Sugar Substitute in the United States- Fill out a short form to receive a free sample of NutraTaste sugar substitute. (US)
  49. Tea Sample Every week, the first 1000 people to answer the weekly WebTea Question correctly will receive a free WebTea tea sample in the mail.

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