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There may be many offers that are no longer valid. I am aware of this and I am working through ALL 1999's links and should have everything up to date soon. Please be patient with me, this is the least fun part of maintaining this site and I haven't figured out a "quick n clever" way of doing it yet. If you find a offer that is no longer valid, please let me know as it will really help me get this done. I appreciate all your support!

  1. Grab your Free Minibrowser
  2. Gator a free online tool that helps fills out forms and remembers passwords. It stores all your personal data in an encrypted file on your hard drive. When you hit a web page that has a form or requires a login ID, account number or password, Gator pops up and provides the exact information needed with no typing! It is a small file -- under 3 minutes to download on 56K modem, no set up required...AND IT"S FREE! You also get $50 worth free coupons to spend online just for downloading!
  3. Pagoo Call Catcher Don't miss calls while browsing the Internet. When you are connected to the Internet, Pagoo Call Catcher picks up and records callers' voice messages just like an answering machine. As soon as a message is recorded, you're notified immediately and can listen to it on your PC, either with the Pagoo Player or through a private web pageóall without getting off-line. Sign Up for FREE trial!
  4. v-GO Universal Password If you're always forgetting your password then you need this one for sure. It remembers your passwords for you. Download the free trial version today. Click here
  5. VeriFix2000 The ultimate Y2K test and correction tool. Easy to use and could save you a lot of time and money. Download FREE. Great software from Veritec, Inc
  6. WebFerretPRO (My favorite bud) A fast powerful search utility for finding web pages on the Internet. WebFerretPRO queries popular Web-based search engines, quickly and efficiently finding web pages that you're looking for. You might also want to download IRCFerret and EmailFerret (also free).
  7. WebWasher This will stop those annoying pop-up ads from downloading onto your hard drive. It makes surfing a lot quicker.
  8. Spammer Slammer If you're being spammed then you 'll love this. The web site also has a known spammers list which you could also use to filter out and SLAM those SPAMMERS!
  9. Adobe Acrobat Reader View and print PDF files with this free software.
  10. WebSAVANT Free demo disk. Website design training movies on CD which includes basics of HTML, page layout, graphics in HTML, hyperlinks, java script, cgi scripts and a lots more.
  11. CAI Software Free CDs offer includes Developer CDs, Unicenter TNG Framework, Jasmine v.1.21 Developer, Ingres II SDK CD to name a few. (Nice of them to name one after me!)
  12. InoculateIT Personal Edition Provide them with the requested information and download this antivirus software completely free.
  13. SmartDRAW Popular shareware program for business and home drawing. Create fllowcharts, screensavers and web graphics, or business presentations quickly.
  14. Webshots Desktop allows you to use more than 2,000 photographs as your computer screen's wallpaper and displays them as screen savers when your monitor is idle.

    HTML Editors & Tools

  15. HTML Shrinker can help you optimize your pages by removing junk from the code like end of lines, quotes within tags, shift spaces etc.
  16. CuteHTML allows multiple HTML documents open at once for fast copy and pasting between documents. It also has custom Java scripts and Snippets feature for saving Java scripts and other HTML code as menu bar options.
  17. HTML-Kit Suits both advanced and complete "what's HTML?" types. Don't tell them at Chami.com, but I can't figure out why they want to give this one out for free, must be really nice people.
  18. War FTP Upload your web pages with this completely free fully working FTP client. If you like it they have plenty of other really cool freeware at their website so have a good browse.
  19. MetaMaker Legend has it that search engines will rank your web site higher in their index if you use meta tags on your pages. Meta Maker will create meta tags for your pages quickly and easily.
  20. AgentWebRanking Find out where you're listed in search engine rankings.
  21. WebPosition Gold Software Invaluable tool to save you time and to help build traffic to your web site. WebPosition Gold reports your site's search positions and then helps you improve them. If you're struggling to make your site known on the Internet, WebPosition Gold can help.

    Graphics Editors

  22. Ultimate Paint Create, manipulate and view images. Loads of built in tools to blur, sharpen, rotate and the usual graphics stuff.
  23. Reptile Revamp your web site with your own funky textures for backgrounds, buttons etc.This may not be the best out there but it's free, so have fun with it.
  24. Paint Shop Pro 6.01Okay, so it's only free for 30 days, but it is one of THE best image editing packages and the Jasc lot are kind enough to let us play around with it. 30 days is better than no days, right?

    Free Software Sites

  25. SoftwareVault.com A huge collection of the latest files available for downloading, shareware and freeware.
  26. PCdrivers.com If you're always in search of the latest drivers then this sites for you. Browse through all the drivers or search the twelve categories to find the latest versions.
  27. Download.net Download action games, arcade games, desktop apps and more. Supporting Win3x, Win95, and MSDOS. There are links to MacIntosh sites too. A very lively site.
  28. The Unleashed A site dedicated to the collection of desktop enhancement around the net, lot of cool stuff.
  29. Completely Free Software Lots of high quality freeware programs to offer but it's a bit of a maze. If you're looking for a particular program you can target the page that itís on through their site search facility.
  30. Freeware & Freeware This site has 250+ freeware categorized and reviewed to make life easier.
  31. add-soft.com Absolutely huge site. freeware and shareware reviewed, updated daily.
  32. WebAttack A complete resource for web related Windows shareware and freeware downloads. There are more than 2300 software titles available from this site, organized in more than 140 categories.
  33. Media Builder If you don't know a layer from a pixel, then media builder is the place for you. They offer free online image tools, fonts library and over 10000 original animations free for personal sites. You can even create your own animated banners online.
  34. GIFCruncher Optimize you're graphics with their free online GIF compression tools. They also have a free online JPEG cruncher and lots of other useful resources.
  35. Family Games Fun educational freeware and shareware for kids.

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