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free money and reward programs. Get paid to surf, read e-mail and fill out surveys


1. Get paid to surf the web

  1. All Advantage They pay .50 cents an hour while you surf the Web for up to 25 hours per month (they plan to increase this this very soon)10 cents per hour for referrals and 5 cents an hour from the extended referrals that come in from in from your referrals (still with me?) You only get paid for referrals, if you're using the viewbar too. To get paid with AllAdvantage.com, you must display their "Viewbar" while you surf. (It's really no big deal and after a while, you get used to it).All Advantage is the first company to introduce the "get paid to surf" program and is the best company out there so far. They've been paying out checks regularly for four months now and their advertisers seem to be increasing too. This will mean more money for the surfers! They've already introduced special incentives for active surfers. I definitely recommend joining All Advantage if you haven't already.(US,Canada, Australia and UK only)
  2. Easy Money With Dash!You can save lots of money with Dash as they give you cash back when you shop with over 50 well known on-line merchants including netgrocer, Barnes & Noble, CDNow and eToys. They also pay you for every person you refer. Join now and you have chance to win in their sweepstakes!
  3. SpeedyClick Play games, win money, enter contests and order free stuff while you're there.
  4. My Points The MyPoints(R) Program pays you for using the Internet. You can get Points for activities like visiting Web sites, clicking on ad banners, making a purchase, reading an email and much more. The Points you earn are redeemable for merchandise and services from MyPoints(R) partners such as The Sharper Image, Marriott, Hyatt, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Spiegel, T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, Olive Garden and Red Lobster.
  5. e Tour eTour is the most useful and entertaining start page on the Web. After registering and switching your start page to eTour, you'll see a different Website, matched to your interests, every time you log on the Web. These aren't ads, but the best sites on the Web, and eTour finds them just for you! As an active user you'll also earn FREE gift certificates from Delta Airlines, JCrew, HomeDepot, Blockbuster, and many other top brands.
  6. !Paid4Surf This is my new favorite. Highest paying program on the Internet, all users will be paid $1.00 per hour. Get paid for sending and receiving email too! Minimum payout is $15.00, that's less than any other company. Available ANYWHERE in the world! Receive a free phone card when you become a member. Don't have to wait for the software, you can download the TeknoSurf Bar and start making money immediately! (please use me jasmin22 as your referrer, thank you)
  7. Valuepay There bar isn't ready yet, but you can join now and play the online lotto everyday for a chance to win $1000s. They have already paid out a lot of money and you can play daily. All members who play the lotto also get to download the viewbar before everyone else does.
  8. Epipo They will pay 60 cents an hour. Their ad bar isn't ready for download yet but you can still sign up. They will also pay for referrals.
  9. GoToWorld They pay 40 cents an hour that you surf and 10 cents an hour for your referrals.
  10. Spedia They also pay 40 cents an hour and 25% of what your referrals make. You can use their view bar or a pop up window which is displayed while you surf the web.
  11. Target Shop Sign up to be notified of discounts and gain access to forums, on-line shopping malls and a targeted Internet consumer index. Tell your friends about this offer and you'll get 12.50$ for each of them who registers with Target Shop for FREE! (when the company completes IPO)
  12. Sharkhunt They will pay 25 pence (not cents) an hour for when you surf,10 pence an hour for referrals, 5 pence for extended referrals. Maximum 20 pounds a month. (UK only, but you can sign up now for when they go international)
  13. WackyWare is the Internet's central location for multimedia comedy. They are giving away 10% of profits, to be divided among everyone that joins as member. Sign up for FREE to instantly become a member and get your share of the 10% too!
  14. BigReferral . Earn Cash rewards for responding to special offers, making purchases and for telling your friends. You get $1 per referral and 25 cents for your referrals' referrals up to infinite levels. You can even donate your earnings to your favorite charity. They have pledged over $10,000,000, so it looks like this may be better than All Advantage. Find out more by clicking here (please use jsf@cybergal.com as your referrer, thanks :>))

    2. Get paid for completing surveys

  15. NPD Online Research Joining gives you a chance to be heard by decision makers worldwide. And, you'll have a chance to WIN some great prizes - starting with the chance to win $1,000 just for registering to join! Just visit the web site and learn more about NPD Online Research and how you can earn money.
  16. Online Surveys Get paid to participate in surveys. As a member you are also entered into drawings for cash and prizes. You can also choose to donate your earnings to charity, which is a nice thing to do.
  17. OneSight You get paid for completing surveys. The money varies per survey, the minimum is $5 per survey. You can also earn money by referring your friends. Once your friends have registered with OneSight, you can earn up to $5 per friend, $1 for each of the 5 surveys that they complete. This one is definitely worth the effort, even if you only have one friend.
  18. Greenfield Online Another good company that pays cash too. They credit your money into an iGain account which you can access easily and request payment when you've earned enough. There are always plenty of surveys to take part in.
  19. American Consumer Opinion They pay you between $4 and $10 for each survey you complete You can also get entered to win monthly cash prizes of $150. (Not just for Americans, everyone's invited!)

    3. Get Paid for Surveys

  20. CLICK HERE FOR MoneyForMail Receive e-mail regarding great deals on the Internet and get paid just to receive the e-mail. Simple as that! sign up now!!
  21. TwistedHumor Get paid for sending and reading jokes. You get extra credits for everyone you refer to join their funny newsletter.
  22. SendMoreInfo They will pay .05 cents for every e-mail they send to you. They also pay you for e-mail sent to your referrals.
  23. Net-4-Biz They will also pay you .05 cents for every e-mail they send you and pay for referrals too. Net-4-Biz also offer free e-mail for those of you who don't have your own e-mail.
  24. Trespass This company is slightly different. What you have to do is sign up for a free web based e-mail address, "yourname@trespass.net". They pay you with points which are redeemable for lots of great stuff. You get 1000 points just for joining. Then you get 5 points for each e-mail you send from trespass. They also give you points for your referrals. It's a good way to get a another free e-mail address. If you send a lot of e-mail then you can collect points pretty quick.

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